Friday, March 06, 2015

Missing my best friend

Wow. It’s been a year already since I’ve had to say goodbye to my best friend, Garold Shafer. Some quick reflections from the past year:

When you have to say good-bye to someone so close, you actually do it many times over. You do it almost daily, if not multiple times a day. I do it every time I think about the great times we had, but more so when I have a story, joke or memory to share and I know he’s the only one who would get it.  That’s when the perpetual goodbye is the most difficult.

Why do we grieve so hard? I’ve read a lot on this before and was reminded of this again with this week’s curriculum for my small group. In the author’s words, “we grieve because deep down inside, we know goodbye isn’t supposed to be the last word.” It’s not how the story is supposed to end.  I remember the conversation Kevin O’Neill and I had when he said, “It’s not how it’s supposed to be, but it’s the way it is.” All of these words speak to just how important, yet temporary this life can be. It also speaks to how broken things became when sin entered this world.

But, for believers in Christ, this isn’t the final word. This isn’t how our life ends. This isn’t the last chapter.

But we do not want you to be uninformed brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep.

                                                                                                                        1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

IF Jesus really did rise from the dead on the third day, then this changes everything. Death has been defeated. This broken world is now only temporary, AND there is hope that we too, only because of God’s grace, can enjoy death defeated. Paul mocks death because to a believer in Christ, it’s only temporary and has no grip on us.

It doesn’t mean that we grieve less. In fact, I think it increases our depth of mourning, because we know how the story ends and we long for the beautiful ending that is yet to come. That is what makes it SO hard some days, but it’s also what gets us through each day as well.

I’m longing for that day more and more. But at the same time, every time I drive a dirt road I feel like he’s there riding shotgun with me. That thought makes me smile and I crank up the radio just a bit louder.  I know Garold would want us all to go on about our lives and to spread as much kindness, love and service to other people so we can enrich their lives. I know that’s what he would want us to do because that’s exactly what he did so well for those who knew him and loved him. 

Monday, July 01, 2013

A busy June '13 update

June. Whew! What a month! Crazy busy. SO much took place, yet to others on the outside, it may seem like nothing eventful took place. To me though, June was fun AND BUSY!


Josiah turned 10 months old! He also learned to wave, give "low fives," sprouted a few tooth buds and learned how to feed himself....kind of.

We also worked on our house a bit, started harvesting from the garden, went to theater in the park, visited Diana Rose Farmstead, celebrated our 8th anniversary, I got strep throat, saw Huey Lewis and the news in concert and I helped out with VBS.

I told you it was busy!

The end of a month also means it time for a goals update. I do this for myself for reflection on how the month went, accountability to keep me pushing towards my goals and to help stay focused. we go!

#1) Running Frequency (85% of all days)

May was awesome. The previous 2 months, not so much :(

I ran 24 out of 30 days in June. I was doing well, and then strep throat hit. Blah! I didn't help my running percentage much as I only ran 80% of the available days that June had to offer. That brings my 2013 total up to 

I did get in 145 miles though. Again, that was an increase over the previous month so I can't complain about that

#2) Goal Weight

Down another 1.5 pounds for the month. Still right on track. I only have 5 pounds to go!
#3) 20:00 5k

I still have a ways to go here, but this week I should find out exactly how close I am. I'm hoping to break 21:00, but as long as I'm low 21's I won't be disappointed yet. It's a work in progress for sure!

#4) Grad Class

 I am continuing to save money for this though so it might sill happen. Life happens a bit too fast for me though sometimes and some things have to be sacrificed. It could still happen before the year is up though

#5) Finish the guest room (pictures forth coming)
 Officially done! Just have to move the furniture back in :)
#6) Reading 3000 pages this year

326 pages read this month. It's slow going, especially when I'm not reading Clifford the Big Red Dog anymore. I'm up to 1030 pages for the year. Still, I'm not on pace yet, but getting closer each day to getting back to the pace I need to be on. Maybe I'll do an easy read for a change (no, still no Clifford) 

#7) Clean the Basement

#8) Trombone Practicing


#9) Athletes at State

Trying to help motivate my XC runners via Face Book. Hopefully it's working a bit. State athletes are developed during the off season for sure! 

#10) Family Time

Playing in the park! Again, going to see Huey Lewis and the News and visiting Deanna Rose Farmstead. Laying on the floor for impromptu tickle fights, running early in the morning to free up more time during the day. Evenings watching classic t.v. shows on Sunday nights, cookouts, etc. 

Sunday, June 02, 2013

May goals update

There's a reason I haven't revisited my goals for 2013 for a few months. It's because I was doing a poor job of moving towards them. March and April were horrible. Trying to manage and motivate the varsity softball team was tough this year because it seemed like it rained every day. We couldn't get outside on most days and it seemed like we were never going to get any games in!

All that aside, May went well and so now I'm trying to bounce back on these goals. I can see the need for continued revisiting as a reminder of what I want 2013 to look like.

#1) Running Frequency (85% of all days)

May was awesome. The previous 2 months, not so much :(

I ran 30 out of 31 days in May. I had a mini-streak of 23 days straight. So yes, I missed a day. Grr!
My frequency for May was 96.7% That brings me up to 69.5% for the year. A far cry from where I want to be but another month or two like May and I should be back to where I want to be!

FYI, during May I ran 138 miles. That makes an average of 4.6 miles per day ran. Getting better!

#2) Goal Weight

Most of May I did awesome at this, I was down about 2 pounds (exactly on track) and then Memorial Day weekend happened. Ugh!

#3) 20:00 5k

The variables that contribute to this are looking nice right now. I wouldn't be able to do it right now, but  in July I'll be entering at least 1 5k, hopefully 2 to determine exactly where I'm at. 2 speed workouts a week though is helping. I'm putting up workouts that I haven't done in several years. All mostly pain free! Speed workouts, along with progress on goals #1 and #2 will get me there....hopefully!

#4) Grad Class

Hmm.....not so much. I am continuing to save money for this though so it might sill happen. Life happens a bit too fast for me though sometimes and some things have to be sacrificed. It could still happen before the year is up though

#5) Finish the guest room

Getting ready to start this one. No really! Sandra and I have started to cart things out of the room and have made a few purchases. This week we should get crackin' on it!

#6) Reading 3000 pages this year

Again, this spring was tough. I'm up to 712 pages read for the year though and crashing through a lot more right now :) Fun times!

#7) Clean the Basement

The finished side is looking clean! It's oped for guests if anyone needs a place in KC :)

#8) Trombone Practicing

I forgot this was a goal even. Oh geesh!

#9) Athletes at State

Hopefully I have some runners getting ready to start running this week. I have some quality talent this year, but potential only goes so far. At some point kids have to run over the summer. They have to if they want to be successful. We've talked some about making goals and trying to work towards those goals. I've made a FB page to communicate better and hopefully motivate them and encourage them as well. Some have a goal of state. Some have a goal of finishing a race. THIS is why I love XC. It's about setting appropriate goals, putting in the work and seeing the results. LOVE IT!

#10) Family Time

Memorial Day is all about family time! So this was easy during May. Time slows down in Caney, KS and allows for time to play with family members at parks, in the yard, etc. With a baby and his three young cousins, there is no shortage of people to play with :)

We also went out and watched Sumner's girls soccer team play a bit. That was super fun, even though they lost. Outings look different sometimes for teachers. They look like supporting and cheering on students. I really like this part of my job, seeing them work hard and compete. Now, if only I can get them to do that in all phases of their life. Grades! *cough* *cough*

Lastly, thanks to the baby sitting talents of Pam and Kent, Sandra and I.....wait for it...actually went out on a date WITHOUT Josiah. It's the first time that we had done that since December. Whoa!

We ate at Arthur Bryant's and finally watched Iron Man 3. Good times!